Final Autumn Photoshoot

This week of Thanksgiving will be bittersweet as we say goodbye to our puppies as they go to their new homes. We are very thankful that they’re going to wonderful homes where they will be cherished and given a purpose to work. Here are the photos of our final autumn photoshoot, as of Monday, NovemberContinue reading “Final Autumn Photoshoot”

Halloween Photoshoot

Check out the latest photos of the puppies from our Halloween photo shoot! They were really squirmy and didn’t always stay in the staging area but we managed to get a few good shots! We still have a few puppies available. As of 10/25/2020 Nimbus (m), Appa (m), Coraz√≥n (f), Santorini (f), and Bindi (f)Continue reading “Halloween Photoshoot”

First Look at the Puppies!

We are happy to announce that Calypso gave birth on Saturday, September 5th to 10 healthy puppies! We were only expecting nine but another one managed to sneak its way in there. We have four girls and six boys, five all-white puppies and five with markings. Of the boys only two have markings and ofContinue reading “First Look at the Puppies!”