Farm Tours

*We will be participating in the Loudoun Fall Farm Tour during the weekend of October 16-17 2021, please see blog post for more details*

At Kathy Ann’s Farm we would love to show you the animals and what we do. We have a number of different types of sheep, goats, cows, poultry, water fowl, and other animals such as our alpacas. In the fall season we will occasionally have Livestock Guardian puppies that can be played with. We specialize in fiber such as sheep wool, mohair, and alpaca fiber. We spin yarn, weave fabric from fibers, and felt wool as well. We offer a variety of farm tours depending on your needs and group sizes. In addition, we will show you the products we make and how we make them. We try to customize your tour to what you are interested in seeing or doing, so let us know if you have any special requests! Some people have tried milking one of our dairy goats, others wanted to go foraging in the woods around the farm and pick wild berries, a big favorite many enjoy is trying your hand at the loom. Simply let us know what interests you and we will cater the tour to you. Farm tours are by appointment only Friday afternoons and on weekends. We also participate in Loudoun spring and fall farm tours.

Small Family Farm Tours

We offer individual or small family farm tours for $10 a person 18 or older or $25 for two adults and a few kids 17 and under.

Group Farm Tours

Groups of five or more people can get a group tour with us. Call for pricing, dependent on group size.

Birthday Parties and Tours

Enjoy your next birthday here at Kathy Ann’s Farm. Customizable birthday parties are available, call for pricing.

Please note: while we love our canine friends we ask that you do not bring your pet dogs with you. We have working Livestock Guardian Dogs on the property and we don’t want them to get distracted from their jobs. Service dogs are welcome, we just ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can make accommodations. If you are visiting the puppies we may not be able to accommodate your service dog, depending on where the puppies are in their developmental stage and whether they have been vaccinated yet or not. Please bring proof of vaccination history if you are bringing your service dog. Emotional support animals and therapy dogs will not be accommodated. Fake service animals or dogs showing aggression to people or animals will be asked to leave or wait in your vehicle, weather and temperature permitting. We remind people that falsely representing your pet dog as a service animal is illegal and in Virginia it can carry a fine. It also makes it more difficult for people with real service animals to be taken seriously. Thank you for your understanding.

Ready for a tour? Send in a request.

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