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Officially established in 2017, Kathy Ann’s Farm is a small, family-run farm located just outside of the historic town of Waterford, Virginia. We are a family of craft lovers and nature enthusiasts and have learned to make all sorts of things from our farm, and many from the garden. The majority of our animals are fiber stock that we use to process various wool and fibers. We are always learning and creating and hope that you enjoy what we have made and grown. Explore our website and see what you may find!

-Kathy Ann’s Farm and family

Natural Wool Products

Our wool and fiber products include whole, natural, raw Shetland and Gotland fleeces, natural and dyed roving, dryer balls, cashmere, alpaca fiber, mohair, and more. You can find our fiber products on our Etsy shop or at local fiber festivals.

Soaps, Scrubs, Potpourri

We have a variety of scents and colors in our goats milk soap, potpourri, and herbal collection. We will also sell some plants during the spring and summer seasons. Currently we are working on a herbal botanicals collection.

Dog Products & Treats

Products include bottled dog shampoo, shampoo bars, dog bandanas, and more. Kathy Ann’s Farm makes everything from poultry broth to freeze-dried treats made from meats from our farm. Your dog is sure to love our tasty treats!

From our farm family to your home.

We sell everyday products for everyday people, as well as wool products for the fiber fans and craftspeople.

And let’s not forget Fido! We have something for him too.

About Us

Kathy Ann’s Farm is a family run farm just outside of history Waterford. We have various products for sale from our livestock and our garden.

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