Embark for Breeders

When we decided to breed our Great Pyrenees one of the first things we looked into was health testing. Health testing is an incredibly important part of breeding because with healthy parents you are more likely to end up with healthy puppies. Many genetic diseases can be passed down from parents to their offspring, andContinue reading “Embark for Breeders”

Dog Shampoo is now Live on Etsy and Local Line!

We are excited to announce that our dog shampoo is up and ready for sale on our shops at Etsy and Local Line. Currently we have unscented and rose scented dog shampoo, with lavender on the way. Read on for more information on our latest product! Unscented dog shampoo in an 8 oz. container. MadeContinue reading “Dog Shampoo is now Live on Etsy and Local Line!”

Poultry Bone Broth for Dogs

Our poultry bone broth for dogs just got licensed by the State of Virginia! We’re so excited to start selling. Currently, we are only able to sell locally as we are not licensed in any other states. We will be selling at local farmers markets and at pet stores in the Northern Virginia area. OurContinue reading “Poultry Bone Broth for Dogs”