Welcome to the Kathy Ann’s Farm family! Read on to learn more about our family and our farm.

Our Mission

Kathy Ann’s Farm strives to raise happy, healthy poultry and livestock and to create natural products for craft lovers and for our canine friends. We also raise quality Livestock Guardian puppies that go on to guard farms and livestock.

Our History

Officially established in 2017, Kathy Ann’s Farm is a small fiber farm just outside of historic Waterford, Virginia. Kathy Ann’s Farm started off with chickens, guinea hens, and a few Nubian goats in 2013 and has now grown to include a flock of Shetland, Gotland, and Finn-Icelandic sheep, emus, two cows named Ella and Dulce, some cashmere goats, two alpacas named Sherlock and Watson, two Livestock Guardian Dogs named Voltaire and Calypso, and many more. We are members of the Loudoun Beekeepers Association and the Virginia State Beekeepers Association and have started a small apiary with hopes to have honey in the future. Currently, we sell eggs, jams and jellies, bone broth for dogs, wool and fiber products, seasonal plants, and baby sheep, goats and chickens.

Loudoun, VA Made. Loudoun, VA Grown.

Kathy Ann’s Farm is part of the Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ program between Loudoun Economic Development and Take Loudoun Home. In their own words, “Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ strives to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Loudoun’s rural producers, including its farmers, processors and sellers, through increased sales and enhanced awareness of top quality local products.” You will find this logo on a lot of our products and the products of our neighbors and fellow farmers in the community. We encourage you to buy local and support your communities and farmers! We are very thankful for the program and the support from Loudoun Economic Development. You guys rock.

Meet the Team

CEO and Owner

Kathy grew up on a farm in Maryland and wanted to get back to her roots after many years working abroad. She started Kathy Ann’s Farm after returning from the Republic of Korea with just a few dairy goats and chickens. Kathy Ann’s Farm has now grown to include wool sheep, cashmere goats, livestock guardian dogs, and so much more. Kathy is a mother of four and when she’s not working, farming, or raising kids you can find her in the garden with her flowers and vegetables.

Manager and Carpenter

Aydin does most of the building work on the farm. He has made chicken houses, coops, runs, dog houses, and he worked to put up pasture fences and build the inside our Kathy Ann’s Farm’s barn. Aydin also builds custom made dog houses for sale. Aydin has several children and when he’s not working on the farm you can find him watching Spongebob with his kids.

, Canine Reproductive Consultant

Kaelyn is the designer and photographer for all of the labels, logos, and other branding at Kathy Ann’s Farm. She is also the creative director and social media coordinator for the farm website and online presence, she manages and oversees finances and record keeping, and she assists with livestock care and animal wellbeing, and she is the canine reproductive consultant. Kaelyn also leads the Livestock Guardian Dog breeding program at Kathy Ann’s Farm and ensures that all dogs are healthy and safe and produce quality Livestock Guardians. Kaelyn has always had a love of animals and enjoys working on the farm. Kaelyn graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Global Affairs in 2019 and is currently working on her masters from Georgetown University. When she’s not working at the farm you can find her hanging out with her dogs Brandy and Bonnie and her cat Leonardo.

Farm Helper and Driver

Jonathan does general work around the farm from driving materials and feed around to moving sheep. Jonathan has studied history at the University of Winchester and works on the farm on his breaks. When Jonathan is not on the farm working he is watching Love Actually and studying Napoleon.

Livestock Guardian

Voltaire has been a Livestock Guardian Dog at Kathy Ann’s Farm since 2017. He primarily protects the poultry here at Kathy Ann’s Farm. Voltaire is part of the Livestock Guardian Dog breeding program and is also available as a stud dog. He is AKC and CKC registered and has had some health testing done. When Voltaire isn’t busy guarding the poultry he is taking nice cool naps in the shade.

Livestock Guardian

Calypso has been a Livestock Guardian Dog at Kathy Ann’s Farm since 2019. She guards the sheep and the goats on Kathy Ann’s Farm and loves to work. Calypso is also part of the Livestock Guardian Dog breeding program. When Calypso isn’t guarding busy working she is hanging out with her best friend, Ella the cow.

Livestock Guardian In-Training

Rooster is from Voltaire and Calypso’s fall 2020 litter, born on September 5th. He will begin training with poultry, waterfowl, the alpacas and our Angora goats. Eventually he will also train with the sheep and cows and go on to guard in one of our pastures that needs an LGD. When Rooster isn’t training he’s napping or getting cuddles from his humans.

In addition to these team members we must acknowledge the family and friends that have gotten us this far. Kathy Ann’s Farm would not be where it is today without the help and support of our friends and family from Bluebird RIdge.

Our video from the 2020 Virtual Spring Farm Tour

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