Great Pyrenees Stud Dog

Hi, I’m Voltaire
an AKC registered Great Pyrenees stud dog.

I spend much of my day relaxing as I spend my nights guarding the livestock
I am 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh 95-100 lbs
I love cold weather and the snow! Winter is my favorite time of year

Livestock Guardian Dog Heritage
Voltaire has spent his life working as a Livestock Guardian Dog and the majority of his offspring went on to work as LGDs as well. Voltaire comes from a mixed show line and working line dogs that lived on and protected farms. Voltaire has strong guarding instincts, an unbreakable bond to family, and an excellent temperament.

Proven Stud
As of July 2021, Voltaire has sired six litters of puppies, with an average of 8 to 12 puppies per litter. With Voltaire you are getting a stud dog that has proven himself time and again. He has sired both AKC and CKC registered puppies. The stud fee is $750 and comes with a guarantee. Contact for details.

Health Testing
Voltaire has been health tested with Embark Veterinary and the University of Minnesota for DNA and OFA tested for his hips, basic cardiac, elbows, and patellas. All results are registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Voltaire is also qualified as part of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). His CHIC number is 160296. We do require proof of brucellosis testing prior to mating, as well as a current rabies vaccination. Your bitch should be up to date on all vaccines, dewormed, and otherwise in good health. We are able to do live cover and chilled semen for artificial insemination at this point, but we are working on getting Voltaire collected and freezing some of his semen.

Get tested with Embark! Breeders save $50 by using this link:
OFA NumberRegistryFinal Conclusion
Voltaire of Tiny Acres Male Great Pyrenees (2017) – White
Neverending Mac Mahon
2014 Great Pyrenees
Ch Patorama Tug Of War
2005 Great Pyrenees
Ch Tip’nchip’s Spirit Of Thornhill
2002 White Great Pyrenees
Ch Tip’nchip’s National Enquirer
Tip’nchip’s Dream On
Ch Patorama One Lump Or Two
2003 White Great Pyrenees
Ch Patorama Guilty As Charged
Ch Patorama Tea And Crumpets
Patorama Neverending Glimmer Of Fame
2010 Great Pyrenees
GCh Ch Nautika’s Claim To Fame
2006 White Great Pyrenees
Ch Dieudonne Impyrial Acclaim
Ch Rivergroves Nautika Fleurdunor
Ch Patorama Page Three Girl
2009 Great Pyrenees
Ch J & R Rancho Deputy Dallas
Ch Patorama Glimmer Of Hope
Anna Nicole
2015 White Great Pyrenees
Kingdoms Pride White-Leo
~2009 Great Pyrenees
Toe Tappan Dexter
~2004 Great Pyrenees
Goldstrikes Indiana Jones
Goldstrikes Fluffy Susie Q
Toe Tappan Delilah
~2004 Great Pyrenees
Limberlost Andy
Shellhaas’royal Annabel
2002 White
~2009 Great Pyrenees
O-So-Grand Of Windy Ridge Acres
~2004 Great Pyrenees
Klondike Cody
Estep”S Tarah
Evangelina Of Windyridgeacres
~2004 Great Pyrenees
Victouri’s Peace Maker
The Hitching Post Farms Missy
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    Litter Certificate for the pedigree of Voltaire
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