New! Hand-Dyed Wool Batting

Check our our latest products! We have started hand-dyeing some of our wool and these are the latest results. We super happy with the color turnout.

Hand dyed wool batting from our Finn sheep. Lofty, soft, uniquely dyed fiber perfect for all of your crafting needs. Ideal for felting, spinning, or other fiber crafts. Great for many projects and each piece is unique. Each batt weighs at least 1.2 oz and is approximately 12x 16 inches. Batts come in four colors: Summer Sky (blue), Sunset (golds, orange, and pink), Sunrise (magenta, purple, blue), and Spring Waters (blue and green). You can buy these batts from our Etsy shop.

Hand-Dyed Wool batting image 0
Hand-Dyed Wool batting Spring Waters
Hand-Dyed Wool batting Sunset
Hand-Dyed Wool batting Sunrise
Hand-Dyed Wool batting Summer Sky

Now Selling Cloth Masks!

We have reusable cotton face masks! We’ve been playing around with the design for the best fit and we’ve finally done it. We now are selling the masks on Local Line and Etsy. We’re keeping prices low because masks shouldn’t be used as a money maker, but as a tool to help the community stay healthy and safe. Find them on Etsy or Local Line. We have over 15 different fabric options and have recently included masks for kids (sloths and POW! fabric are exclusive for kids masks). All fabric can be used for kids masks. We use fabric ties for the adult masks and elastic for the kids masks. We are looking into using Velcro for kids as well. Current prices are $6 for adult masks with ties, $8 for adult masks with elastic, and $6 for kids masks with elastic. Further details on the masks can be found below the pictures.

Reusable cloth face masks made from two layers of cotton fabric. The CDC currently is recommending everyone wear a face mask in public. We’re offering comfortable masks that can be washed and reused. Masks are made-to-order, large orders may take some time before being shipped. Select a design from the menu, we have everything from fabric with seahorses, dogs, owls, plaid, and more. We have a few masks with elastic bands but only a limited stock of elastic. Because of the high demand for elastic and the shortage around the country for elastic our elastic tie masks are $2 more than the cloth tie masks. All children’s masks come with elastic at no additional charge. Elastic is unsuitable for those with a latex allergy. POW! and sloth fabric is exclusively made for children’s masks. We have plenty of face masks with cloth ties and more to come!

Directions for cleaning: hand wash in warm to hot water with soap or detergent and air dry. You can add fabric softener to keep the cotton soft and supple. Some sources have suggested UV light can destroy viruses, so after washing and drying if you want you can hang the masks up in direct sunlight.

To use: Pattern side should be facing outwards, ties go behind your head. A simple bow tie will work to keep the mask on. Pinch the metal at the top of the mask to the bridge of your nose for a custom fit.

Important to note: Our masks have pliable metal around the top of the mask inside the cloth for a tighter seal and customized fit to your face. While unlikely, it is possible that the metal can rust. Inspect the site before use and keep the mask dry when not being washed. If rust does occur you can either cut out the metal and continue using the mask or you can dispose of the mask. You can also request we not put the metal in the mask. Rusting is unlikely when used correctly and we recommend having the pliable material in the mask for the best fit.

As always send us a message if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our very best to aid you.

As always, stay safe.

-Kathy Ann’s Farm

Dog Shampoo is now Live on Etsy and Local Line!

We are excited to announce that our dog shampoo is up and ready for sale on our shops at Etsy and Local Line. Currently we have unscented and rose scented dog shampoo, with lavender on the way. Read on for more information on our latest product!

Unscented dog shampoo in an 8 oz. container. Made with aloe, argan oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil to nourish and moisturize while cleansing. This soothing shampoo is perfect for making your dog’s coat shine! Unscented shampoo is great for dogs that have sensitive skin or owners that don’t want added fragrance. Rose scented dog shampoo lightly scented with rose oil to make you dog smell sweet after their bath. Lavender is currently out of stock.

Directions for use: wet dog’s coat thoroughly and apply small amount of shampoo. Work into your dog’s coat to lather and cleanse. Add more shampoo as needed and wash away soap and suds. Towel dry or blow dry (be careful not to burn your dog) and try not to get soaked when your dog shakes off the water!

Bluebird Season

Today I bring some exciting news! We have just started making made-to-order bluebird houses to paint.

Handmade bluebird houses available as a pre-cut kit or fully assembled. Made of exterior-grade treated plywood ready to paint in your choice of colors. Create a haven for your feathered friends in your backyard with these sturdy bird houses. Dimensions are approximately a depth of 8 inches, width of 7 inches, height of 10.5 inches in the front and 13 inches in the back.

This bluebird house is sold as an unfinished house to be painted. It is a great project for people that love arts and crafts and for kids that like to paint. Adult help and supervision may be required when putting together the pre-cut kit.

You can find these bluebird houses on Etsy or on Local Line, the new local online marketplace hosted by Take Loudoun Home during this pandemic.

Order Our Products from Local Line!

Hello Northern Virginia/Eastern West Virginia/Southern Maryland! We are now selling products on Local Line, an online platform that acts like a farms market. We have several pickup locations in the area, including our farm in Waterford VA, a pickup location in Middleburg VA, in collaboration with other farms, and starting on May 8th we will also have a pickup location in Leesburg VA. See below for addresses. If you send us a message we might be able to deliver, given enough notice and circumstances permitting. This pandemic has caused a lot of problems for small businesses and farms as well as individuals and their families, so supporting businesses like Kathy Ann’s Farm can go a long way. We have products to help you during these crazy times, such as reusable cotton face masks, free-range eggs, jams and jellies (local sale only), soaps we’ve made from our goat’s milk and more! Check out our Local Line online store by clicking here to see all of our locally available products.

Pickup Locations: 1. Kathy Ann’s Farm, Waterford VA 2. The Ag District, Middleburg VA 3. National Conference Center in Leesburg VA (starting May 8th)

We would like to thank the team at Loudoun Economic Development and Take Loudoun Home for the unwavering support they have shown local businesses and farms.

Stay healthy and be safe!

Kathy Ann’s Farm