Harvest Pumpkin Photoshoot

Nothing says adorable quite like a photoshoot involving puppies and mini pumpkins. Take a look at the photos below, we still have puppies available! If you’re interested in a puppy please head over to our LGD Puppies webpage to find an application.

First Look at the Puppies!

We are happy to announce that Calypso gave birth on Saturday, September 5th to 10 healthy puppies! We were only expecting nine but another one managed to sneak its way in there. We have four girls and six boys, five all-white puppies and five with markings. Of the boys only two have markings and of the girls only one is all-white. Take a look at the first photos we have below!

LGD Puppy Application

As responsible breeders we fully believe that we need to use applications for puppies to find the best possible match for our dogs. By using an application system we are seeing which people out there are serious about getting a puppy and which are just looking for the sake of looking. We can also find the best match based on what people are looking for and what is best for the dog. If you’re interested in a puppy we encourage you to take a look at our web page on LGD puppies and do your research beforehand. If you’re still interested at that point we encourage you to fill out an application for a puppy and send it to us. You can check out the application for an LGD puppy by clicking here.

-The Folks at Kathy Ann’s Farm

Check out the LGD Puppy Page!

Now that Voltaire and Calypso have cleared genetic testing we have created an entire web page to consolidate information about all puppies present and future. It discusses the health testing we’ve done, a short overview about Livestock Guardian Dogs including an FAQ, and more. We recommend everyone considering an LGD take a look at the web page to get more information before making a decision.

-The Folks at Kathy Ann’s Farm