LGD Puppies

Our final litter is due in December 2022. We do not currently have plans for any future litters after this one. Apply for a puppy on Good Dog to be added to our waitlist by clicking here.


LGD Puppies

Working livestock guardian puppies from working livestock guardian parents on our farm in Waterford, Virginia. Our puppies are born and raised on our farm for 12 weeks before they go to their forever homes. They come from active working LGD lines and they are raised with the livestock. They learn from mom starting on day one and keep learning until they go home with you. We also start desensitizing them to sounds such as fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots, and more.

Lifetime Mentorship for You and Your Puppy

We want to know how your puppy is doing once they have left us, and we want to offer guidance when you run into issues with your puppy. We have partnered with Baxter & Bella dog training to offer you 25% off their lifetime training program. When you get a puppy from us you are also getting a relationship based on mentorship and commitment to the wellbeing of the dog. If all else fails, we will take the puppy back.

Health Tested Parents

We have health tested the parents for over 196 different genetic diseases through a genetic panel with Embark and the University of Minnesota, including multiple breed-specific diseases. Parent’s are also OFA tested and CHIC certified. Good Dog has given us a rating of Excellent for our health testing. In addition to testing the parents we also offer a health guarantee for puppies within our puppy contract. Puppies come microchipped and up-to-date with all vaccines and are dewormed at 3, 6, 9, and 12 weeks.

30 Days Free Pet Insurance

We have partnered with Trupanion pet insurance to offer our puppies and their owners 30 days of free pet insurance from the day they go home. This policy has no waiting periods, no caps, and there’s no obligation to get a full policy with Trupanion when the 30 days are up. This policy offers 30 days of coverage with a $250 deductible and must be activated by the buyer within 24 hours of taking the puppy home.

LGD Puppy Application
Please fill out and complete the application through Good Dog. As of September 2021, we are only accepting applications through Good Dog. We will review your application and get back to you. A deposit is required to hold a puppy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and check out our FAQ page as well. We encourage you to read the entire web page and do all necessary research before applying. Click here to access the online application. Note that we only have Great Pyrenees puppies and are located in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia. We do not ship puppies, but occasionally we will use a flight nanny to accompany a puppy. We do not guarantee this service as it is based on availability and incurs additional fees. We can provide quotes for ground transportation and flight nannies upon request.

Meet the Parents

Sire: Voltaire

Voltaire is a super friendly guy that loves and protects his family and stock. He has a nice fluffy coat for cuddles and a big booming bark to scare away the predators. He also has some light badger markings around his ears and all of his litters have had a mix of some puppies with badger markings and some without. Voltaire prefers to guard the poultry but also does well with the other animals. Voltaire has had OFA clearances for hip (rated excellent) and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and a basic cardiac exam. OFA CHIC #: 160296 Voltaire is AKC and CKC registered and in addition to mating with Calypso he is also available as a stud dog. You can access the stud dog application here. To view Voltaire’s pedigree please click here. Voltaire is 28 inches at the shoulder and fluctuates between 95-100 lbs.

See Voltaire’s Embark Profile

Dam: Calypso

Calypso is the ultimate working dog and livestock guardian. She was born in a barn and raised among her stock. She spends the majority of her time guarding sheep, goats and cows and is guarding poultry. Calypso’s best friend is our dairy cow Ella, and together they always find an adventure to make farm life more fun. Calypso has an excellent working coat and a great temperament. Calypso is an all-white Great Pyrenees and enjoys jumping in the water troughs. She is a very attentive mom and loves being around both her stock and her puppies. Calypso is 25 inches at the shoulder and is usually 80-85 lbs. During pregnancy she gains a decent amount of weight and can lose that weight while nursing. For this reason she is bred a maximum of once a year to give her body a break and recovery period.

See Calypso’s Embark Profile

Prices and Fees for 2022

SexMale Female
Price of the Puppy$950$950
Deposit to Hold Puppy$100$100
Calming Pheromone Collar (optional)$20$20
Puppy Heartbeat Anxiety
Relief Stuffed Toy (optional)
Rabies Vaccination (optional until
16 weeks, then mandatory)
Approx. $20 + $10 one year local dog licenseApprox. $20 + $10 one year local dog license
Interstate Veterinary Health Certificate (optional)Approx. $125Approx. $125
Hold for 2-4 + Weeks Extra (optional)$30/week boarding fee $30/week boarding fee
Stud Fee$750 (Voltaire)n/a
Prices and fees are subject to change as some of these services are dependent on third parties (such as veterinarians) whose prices may change without notice.

In addition to your puppy, we also work with veterinarians to offer services such as rabies vaccination, spay or neuter, interstate health certificates, and more. We are happy to work with your preferred veterinarian to have additional health procedures such as rabies vaccination. Note that opinions vary as to when the best age is to get your dog spayed/neutered, it’s best to do your own research and talk to your vet to decide the best time for you and your pup. We generally recommend waiting until the dog is two years old and growth plates have closed, but every situation is different and your vet is the best person to guide you on how to proceed. For other breeders interested in Voltaire as a stud dog we have a stud fee of $750 and require canine brucellosis testing prior to breeding. Contact for details.

Notice: we are exempt from requiring a USDA breeders license because we only have one breeding pair, we raise our puppies on our farm, we sell fewer than 25 puppies a year, we do not buy animals for resale, we do not sell animals to pet stores, dealers, or research facilities, and only sell face-to-face with the dog owners. We do not ship puppies, puppies must be picked up from Kathy Ann’s Farm or transported with a representative from the farm. That being said, we still do our best to meet and exceed the USDA standards. Parents are on our property and can be met when puppies are picked up. Parents and puppies are all on a vaccination and deworming schedule, get regular veterinary care, always have access to water and shelter, are fed regularly according to our veterinarian’s guidelines, and receive appropriate exercise for their ages.

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